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Who are we? And how do you skimboard anyway?

G’day there. You’re probably wondering who we are, and who invited us to this party. Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Bindy was born out of the desire to get back to living life, unfiltered. We created our brand because we saw a need to get our precious teens off the socials, and into our real world.

We know that you know that uber popular Scotty T is dating Chelsea, who is worried about which Snapchat filter she looks best in, who told Sophie and Emily that she is annoyed with them for not liking her photo, when Sophie is annoyed Sam didn’t invite her to his party…… but what we really want to know is, does any of this really matter?

What you SHOULD know, and feel, is that you’re kind, you’re considerate, you’re unique. You’re authentic, You’re real, you’re boss. You need no one's approval but your own.

You also know there’s bindis in the grass, but you’re going to take your shoes off anyway. You know you’re most definitely going to fall off that board, but you give it a burl. You know you’ve got cellulite, but girl, buy and rock those shorts!!

We want you to be brave, be bold, take risks. Get dirty, get messy, have fun. Fall over, get up, try again. Laugh until you wee yourself. Get salt water in your eyes, knots in your hair, sand in your toes, bindis in your feet.

Leave the socials to the unsociable. Look up, not down, and see how much fun there is to be had in LIVING. Live life absolutely and unequivocally unfiltered. It’s so worth it.

So, put the devices down, young grom, you’re only going to need your bold heart and your bare feet for this one.

It’s time to skim like an absolute BOSS.

The real learning (and bruises!) comes from practice. In saying that, we’re going to keep this pretty brief.

  1. If you want to stop reading here, the only thing you really need to know is - you’re going to fall off. And you’re going to have to get up again, and keep trying. Persistence is key! This isn’t just about the skimming - it’s about building your resilience and confidence. GET IT GIRL! (or boy, sorry, it just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it)

  2. We’re all about getting off the socials - but you should definitely have a look at some YouTube videos for some inspo. Any video will demonstrate that skimming is MUCH easier watched than duplicated. However, visualise yourself absolutely dominating the sport, and you eventually will. Remember, these pros were once beginners like yourself.

  3. Your Bindy board is designed for beginners. Don’t hit the steep shore break before feeling entirely comfortable on the beach. Dominate the basics before you start trying to catch your first wave. Google is your friend here.

  4. As a beginner, you should wear a helmet to protect your head and big brain (we know it’s big, you’ve chosen to start skimboarding. Smart).

  5. Avoid accidents, where possible. Choose a location away from others and keep those visualisations handy. Make sure you know what you at least plan to do before you start running.

  6. Make sure your knees and ankles are ready to handle the pressure! Stretch, stretch, stretch. Before and after.

  7. Join some cool skimboarding communities online - but remember - the aim is to spend more time OFFLINE than on!

  8. You can also practice your skimming on grass, land or sand off the beach. Take your Bindy board with you on an adventure and get creative. Gather your mates and make some rails and ramps. YEOW!

  9. Learn how to fall on your bum, whenever possible and make sure to keep low and stable in your stance.

  10. One foot at a time upon entry to the board please.

  11. Keep to the back of the board to avoid nose diving into the sand. It hurts, trust us.

  12. Before throwing the board, check for any obstructions - including shells, rocks, most definitely other people.

Right - now - turn off your computer or phone, take your board, and go.

Show us your skills - we absolutely love being included in your journey!


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