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To Speed Wax or NOT to Speed Wax?

In short, don't.

It is not necessary to speed wax your skimboards. Speed wax is a bit of a gimmick product that professionals or those that are a little more experienced, really just don't use.

Here are some reasons why:

● It only offers minor improvements on your speed and distance,

● It's an unnecessary expense, it mostly washes off in the water

● If your goal is to use it on dry land, it doesn't really enhance your performance.

All of these reasons above are especially true if you are just a beginner when it comes to skimboarding. There’s a higher chance that you won’t notice the difference between a speed waxed-bottom and one that isn’t speed waxed, and a higher chance you'll hurt yourself.

The Dangers of Speed Waxing

It’s Not Advisable for Children & Beginners

Aside from the reasons above, speed waxing the bottom of a skimboard can also be dangerous if you're new to the sport.

Chancers are, though the wax isn't really effective, it will only cause more harm than good. Children, especially those who are still learning, might not be able to control the skimboard if there’s speed wax at the bottom.

This may lead to them falling, slipping, or worse; breaking a body part. It’s something you definitely do not want to happen.

It’s Bad for The Environment

Another reason why a lot of people are against speed waxing the bottom of their skimboard is the negative effects it has on the environment.

The chemicals used in speed waxes, and the way most of them are produced are not eco-friendly.

How To Improve Performance Without Speed Wax

You don’t need a speed wax to be great at this amazing sport. In fact, most pro skimboarders do not talk about speed waxes because they do so little in terms of improvement.

All you need is to practice your skills as often as you can. Here are some tips to get better:

Select the Most Appropriate Location

The water and sand of the beach will offer you with the ideal skimboarding conditions. Specific types of beaches may be required for your skimboarding method, depending on the technique you use. For sand skimming, flat beaches, for example, are preferable over rocky ones. As well as beaches with strong shorelines and steep slopes for wave skimming.

Select and Purchase the Appropriate Skimboard

As a newbie, you'll learn how to select the most appropriate skimboard from the selection available in the stores. Based on your favorite skimming style, you can choose your preferred skimboard. This is because you will require different boards for sand skimming and wave skimming - if you're a beginner, our boards work perfectly for both.

Prior to the First Experience, Practice Riding

Skimming skills can be improved by practicing in a secluded area of the beach. This is to keep you from colliding with other people on the beach. Before striking with the board, you'll need learn your favorite pose at this point.

Make a left turn towards the shoreline when you're ready. Right-footed riders will turn right, while left-footed riders will turn left. Always try to use the angle to which you are most comfortable.

At this point, you'll lower your board and lean toward the ground. Push the board towards the shoreline with a strong push force. With these skimboarding techniques, you will be able to push the board to the shoreline with minimal effort. Run to the board, put your foot on it, and slide along. To master the art, repeat this step while gradually increasing your speed.

Keep practicing, keep improving, and you’ll be a pro at skimboarding in no time - minus the speed wax.

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