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Paint Pens have dropped! Style your Skim!

Your board is a blank canvas that you can easily customize into a personal statement and work of art - and our Paint Pens are finally here to help you make waves!

Painting your board is fun and easy and can be done with a little effort. The amount of detail and design work is up to you. If you can draw it, you can paint it. There are just a few things you'll need to remember to make it work well.... here's what you'll need - how serious you get, is up to you!


Clean Rags

Our Paint Pens!

Acetone (to remove any mistakes)


Face Mask and Gloves

Step by Step procedure

  • Cleaning your board

  • Creating your Design

  • Painting Your Design

  • Drying and Sealing Your Painted Surfboard

Cleaning Your Skimboard

  • Create a clean surface, ready to paint. If you've been using your board, give it a good scrub first.

  • Put the board out in the sun for about 10 minutes, or under the hairdryer. Make sure it's nice and dry.

Creating your design

  • If you've purchased our paint pens, you'll have a little bit of inspiration by way of our stencils. You can use these, or grab any other ideas you like - from TV, the internet, your favourite characters, your favourite google image. Sketch some designs in pencil to give you an idea of what you're going to do.

  • Put these sketches onto the board in pencil first...

  • Outline your design with your paint pens. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to use them. Give them a good shake (with the lid ON!) and press the nib of the pen down onto the hard surface until you see the paint starting to show.

  • Begin drawing... get creative!

Painting your design

  • Fill in your design using the pens! This is where your design finally comes to life!

  • Use black marker or paint pen to add outlines to hand-drawn images if you want to! Adding black outlines to your image will allow each individual color to seem brighter and more defined.

Drying and Sealing Your Painted Skimboard

  • This part is optional but will make your design last longer.

  • Place your board outside in the sun to let it dry. If it isn't sunny outside, it will probably take more time for the paint to dry. Make sure the paint is completely dry before moving on. If necessary, let the board sit overnight to fully dry.

  • Cover your finished painting in a clear, glossy acrylic sealant. Spraying a glossy clear coat will both prevent your painting from wearing away, and restore a nice shine and smoothness to the area you painted. Plan on spraying as many as 4 coats of sealant on top of your painting. After spraying on the first coat of sealant, make sure you let it dry completely.

Once you've completed your skimboard paint job, let it dry for 24 hours before going for a surf with your shiny wave riding vehicle! Remember, if you want to remove the paint simply use some acetone (nail polish remover!) and start again...

Heads Up!

  • Use a face mask if you wish to be careful about breathing in the paints or acetone

  • The paint will definitely wear after a few uses - but this gives you the chance to design something new!

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