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What We Do

Our Products

We aim to provide our wonderful community with durable, high quality skimboards and outdoor products that are affordable and in line with our mission. We want to encourage young people to get off their devices and socials, and back out into the real world, truly living their best lives. Skimming on the shores of our beautiful Australian ocean has provided us with these opportunities - and we love to think that we can bring a little bit of our beautiful home to yours.

Raising Awareness

Though we started our community through the sale of our outdoor products - our hope is to inspire change and raise awareness. Our founder and creator is a high school teacher and Mum, who saw the real time detrimental affects that social media and device addiction can have on kids. Keep up to date with our blog posts for tips and advice on how to best navigate life with your family in todays world. 

Building A Community

Above all we want to make sure that Bindy Australia feels like a true community.  We want to inspire you to build strength, confidence, and make your own mistakes. We are always open to feedback, discussion and real talk. We would love to hear from you and want to provide as much value as a company and brand that we possibly can. Contact us any time, about anything. 

Home: Services

Our Philosophy

Bindy was born out of the desire to get back to living life, unfiltered. We created our brand because we saw a need to get our precious teens and tweens off the socials, and back out into the real world.

We know you might fall off that board, but you've gotta give it a burl. There's bindis in the grass... take your shoes off anyway! We know you’re feeling self conscious, but girl, buy and rock those shorts!!

What we want you to know, and feel, is that you’re kind, you’re considerate, you’re unique. You’re authentic, You’re real, you’re boss. You need no one's approval but your own.

We want you to be brave, be bold, take risks. Get dirty, get messy, have fun. Fall over, get up, try again. Laugh until you wee yourself. Get salt water in your eyes, knots in your hair, sand in your toes.


Leave the socials to the unsociable. Look up, not down, and see how much fun there is to be had in LIVING.

Live life, absolutely, and unequivocally, unfiltered.

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